Our impact

Thanks to our leadership and an effective project management, we had a positive impact nationally.

This is how students and teachers of several educational institutions, located across the entire country, benefited from our products, developments and services through pedagogical competences by using ICT, and employing methodologies that foster critical and creative thinking.

We have designed and developed more than 16,000 digital educational contents.

Experience on contents

We have designed and developed more than 16,000 digital educational contents in different formats, such as e-books, animations, video-classes, audios, interactive activities, documentaries, online courses, platforms, webpages, among others, to support and improve teaching and learning processes.

Experience on education

Academic training and teacher accompaniment, through e-learning and b-learning models, in order to promote the pedagogical innovation along with the use and appropriation of the technology in educational practices.

Experience on improving education quality

El Centro de Innovación Educativa Regional Zona Centro ha participado en el diseño e implementación de diversos proyectos de innovación pedagógica con el uso de tecnologías, entre los que se destacan CREA-TIC, Cundinamarca ClaseT, Colegio 10 TIC, entre otros.

La participación en estos programas nos ha permitido impactar a más 7.000 docentes, de 350 instituciones educativas en 88 municipios del territorio nacional.

Experience on research

We conduct a project, in cooperation with Colciencias, focused on the development of technological skills in middle school, through project-based essential learning strategies and supported by the educational use of ICT.

It is an interdisciplinary group composed by investigators from the National University of Colombia and other prestigious international universities, such as MIT. We work jointly on the design, development and assessment of a model that encourage the students to develop integral competences in learning processes by using technology.